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Time to fertilize your fruit trees

There’s a storm a comin:

  • In the next few days, the forecast for Southern California calls for lots rain (finally).

Time to make green:

  • Therefore, this is a great time to apply the first season dose of dry fertilizer around the root zone of your fruit trees.

Cost effective:

  • This is perfect, because that dry fertilizer can only get in the soil if you thoroughly water it in.  A drip line wont do the job.  If you have a number of trees and are hand watering with a garden hose, this can obviously take a lot of time and cost extra when it comes to your water bill.

Happy gardening!


About Thomas Osborne, MD

Dr. Osborne is a Harvard trained Radiologist and Neuroradiologist who loves to share his insight about medicine and gardening.


  1. i have 15months old dragon fruit plants.they give me many flowers but not fruits.may i know why?please reply to me .

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