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San Diego Fire Map

 San Diego is on fire: 

  • If you live in Southern California, or know someone who does, you have probably been watching the wildfire news.


But where exactly are the fires?

  • Like many, I have been searching through news casts to get a handle on the geographic extent of the fires and how it relates to my family and friends.
  • Unfortunately, much of the news that I have seen has not given me all of the information that I have been looking for.
  • Although the close-up images of burning structures is dramatic, it is a limited view of the situation.  What I would really like to know is where the fires are currently located on a map.


San Diego Fire Map:

  • To this end, I found that map which is produced by Cal Fire and Google.  I am posting a link to that interactive updated fire map below.
  • This is the most complete updated map of the fires in Southern California.  On this map you can zoom in to get an exact outline of the fire borders.   Thank you again Google and Cal Fire!
  • Speaking of Cal Fire. The Cal Fire website provides an organized updated listing of all the fires, with percent containment, etc.
Fire Map May 2014

This Map screen shot was taken at 6pm on 5/16/14. This is a static image that will not automatically update.
Use link above in the article to get latest map. 



5/16/14 update:

Fire evacuation map:

  • My neighbor just informed me of another fire map (see below).
  • This Google map shows the area of the fire and the surrounding evacuation zone.
  • Since I currently don’t know the author of this map, I would only use this map as a general reference.  I have heard that this might have been made by someone at NBC using “Google maps Engine Pro”, a software system that allows you to put layers of varying data on a map.
  • It also seems that this map is not being updated… I would not rely too much on this particular map… but I put it here because it is somewhat interesting.
  • Obviously, police and fire authorities have the definitive say.
  • When in doubt, get out.
Fire Evacuation map

This Map screen shot was taken at 10:30pm on 5/16/14.This is a static image that will not automatically update.
Use link above in the article to get latest map.


 Emergency phone alerts available:

  • San Diego County also has an alert system that you can sign up for.
  • Its called AlertSanDiego and they will call you with emergency updates after you register with them.


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