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10 reasons why gardening is better than the gym

Top 10 reasons why gardening is better than the gym

Tropic Snow Peach ready to pick

Tropic Snow Peach ready to pick


Choosing the garden means:

  1.  Fresh air and free vitamin D

  2.  No commute, gas or traffic

  3.  No membership fees

  4.  It’s always open

  5.  Being connected to nature

  6.  No one hovering-waiting for you to finish using a machine

  7.  Your work produces awesome food

  8.  No gym germs

  9.  No dress code

  10.  Non judgmental audience

  • (Looking forward to hearing your additional reasons in the comments below) 


Gym scene from Zoolander

Gym scene from Zoolander



About Thomas Osborne, MD

Dr. Osborne is a Harvard trained Radiologist and Neuroradiologist who loves to share his insight about medicine and gardening.


  1. Couldn’t agree more!

  2. 11. No taxes.

  3. Get to eat fresh fruits or vegetables from your hard work. Nothing more rewarding.

  4. It’s just a great feeling. One of my favorite garden crops …the potato . Kids love to dig them out.

  5. I couldn’t agree more… And have one more to add…

    No CRAZY HIGH priced juices at the gym’s juice bar… You can pick and press your own fresh organic juices! 😄

  6. Natural gardening/farming is literally ‘re-cycling’, when you think you are done with everything, it is about time to start all over again!

    Very interesting blog Mr. Thomas.


  7. 1.You stick with it! 2. Labor of love. 3. Cross training – weights (lifting bags of manure), aerobics ( shoveling a yard of compost from your truck into wheel barrows! ) stretching ( reaching for that weed or to prune the out of reach stem) 4. Exercise longer ( lleave gym within an hour) Husband has a hard time getting me in the house to make dinner. – let me think….my yard or dishes – figure that one out.

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